Tuesday, September 18, 2012

4 Secrets to Overcoming Failure in Your Network Marketing Opportunity

Why Your Network Marketing Opportunity Just Failed You

Network Marketing Opportunities Can SucceedToo simple, really – they don’t know what they are doing and can’t teach you. This includes your own uplines.

And yes, it is there fault – they could have done their homework and researched this whole scene out. And then trained you…

But if it’s “working” then you don’t want to rock the boat, do you?

Unfortunately, with a 70-80% turnover rate, and statistics that show 97% of all MLM’ers don’t even show a profit, this system isn’t working.

However, the fix is in 4 simple steps…

1. Start using a Funded Proposal, which means you are going to build your own list of clients and prospects, and then these are going to pay for your marketing.

The funded proposal simply offers something valuable to a person in exchange for their email address. Then you continue sending them regular useful information, along with valuable offers which are inexpensive (and under-priced.)

As you continue to train your leads, they buy more products from you. Meanwhile, you are continuing to build your list – and if you are buying ads or paying for other promotion, the income from these course purchases covers your costs.

2. Start attracting leads instead of chasing them.

This is a subject Mike Dillard and his Magnetic Sponsoring addresses. When you simply put your offer out there in front of people who are already looking for this data, then they start finding you instead of the other way around. When Dillard worked out this system, he started making his fortune -becoming a millionaire in only 18 months. Check out that link for yourself.

3. Get trained yourself in basics. Most of MLM is a problem in leadership. Blind leading the blind and all that. Just because any network marketing model has worked in decades past, doesn’t mean its optimized for this Internet Age.

Anyone should be able to work from anywhere with an Internet connection and a phone to be able to make a nice living – if not a fortune – from Network Marketing.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of MLM operations aren’t built to take advantage of the leverage that the Internet affords.

You’ll need to study how online marketing works. And the best (also free) training is found at MLM RockStars. People who have studied the best and can show you just what steps to take to get going – NOW.

4. Discover what real leadership is and be able to teach it to your downlines.

For this, I recommend SpeedWealth by T. Harv Eker. He also had his string of failures until he discovered a simple secret from one of the rich friends of his parents. Then he borrowed $2,000 and built a business – and sold it for $1.6 million 2 1/2 years later, and “retired” to San Diego to start teaching what he had discovered and tested.

Why does this work?

  • If your marketing pays for itself, you can keep marketing indefinitely – building prospects and leads into a huge and growing list of clients.
  • If leads are coming to you, then you are able to invest your time in simply qualifying them as sponsors.
  • If you know how to market on the Internet, how the whole system can be made to work, then your overhead is small and your profits are huge.
  • When you become a leader, and know the secrets Millionaires and Billionaires use to make their wealth – then your worries are over. Life becomes a game.

Act today. Tomorrow never comes.

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