Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to Find a Job - Working from Home in a Network

How to Find A Job - Work From Home

Often your best business opportunity is right under your own nose. Probably right in your living room, in fact.
If you've ever been un-employed (or under-employed), you know this feeling: How do you make yourself fit into the mold that company is looking for? You spend every spare moment you can looking through classifieds, going to job interviews, asking all your friends who is hiring...
And the bottom line is the only thing you are feeling besides your sore feet is that little tinge of gloom and perhaps some anxiety or worry. All your job-hunting didn't make the bills go away. And you are already spending all the time you can at this.
What if you could take that those part-time moments you have and turn them into something which can pay you as much as a full time position?
The secret is learning to work from home, doing what you normally do.
Most people avoid this, as they don't think they know how to set up and run a small business. And they don't know anything about selling. They've run the gamut of seeing people try out "stuffing envelopes" or "computer input" ideas, only to find out that they made less money than their day job.
What we found is that we could make money and earn real income just telling people about the products we used which we liked. We learned how to get a regular paycheck from just helping people improve their lives. And it helps that all these products are "green" and environmentally friendly.
Another thing we found that was great, was that the company we bought the products from had their own training programs, so we could study at our own pace and learn the ins-and-outs of having our own business, but didn't need to buy anything extra. No expensive courses or hidden fees.
All we had to do was talk to our friends and do what we coult to help out. So meeting with our friends in our own living room (or anywhere else) became time we invested in them and in ourselves.
And once they found out that the same company who made these products would pay them to tell others about them, they got their own part time jobs working from home - and started making an additional income, which is always handy

Learn more about finding a job working from home.

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