Sunday, December 18, 2011

Work Part Time - Shaklee Independent Distributor

Work Part Time for Full Time Pay

We are learning that even though we have full-time jobs, we can have an additional full-time income from our part time work. Once you see for yourself how great these products are, then you'll see why they bring in that much pay for so little time spend. These products make a life-changing impact on those who use them, they buy them again and again. There are three ways that our team generate income:
They share the product benefits with people, perhaps give them samples, and sign them up as customers who order products whenever they need them direct from the manufacturer. The team member receives commissions for all sales from these customers forever, but are never required to carry inventory, deliver products, ship, etc.  This is as easy as recommending a good movie - no selling involved.

For those team members whose current businesses make sense (like clinicians, salon owners, spas, etc.) they may choose to sell products retail. They get to make the commission PLUS the retail markup.
Many times are customers become team members!  The distributor can sign them up as another distributor in their “downline” and as part of their team.

If you get involved with the business opportunity you are smart because you are securing enormous tax advantages and business training along with a lifetime of residual income. When you make this decision your big choice is how quick your want to earn.
Many people have busy, complicated lives and a distributor with the idea that they will just invest a few hours a week and build their business very gradually. This is a fine strategy. If you persist  you can succeed in reaching $1,000. per week and more, though it may take a few years of slow and steady building. But what a great investment in your future!  Some move much faster and get there quicker.  And, of course, there are many stages in between.
If you are looking at this site and thinking it sounds interesting but how on earth would you ever make the time to do it, understand this. This is the moment of greatest opportunity. Even if you have to proceed very slowly, the way that the compensation plan from our Company works virtually assures that you will have help in building your business because other distributors will be putting people in your downline! This means when you are ready to build your business — when you have more time — you won't be starting from square one.  

Find out about more information on working part time to have a full time income.

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