Saturday, July 28, 2012

Killer Tips to Buying Sales Leads Your Competition Doesn't Want You to Find Out On Your Own

Sooner or later, anybody in MLM confronts the predicament of having a lack of sales leads.

Here are some techniques which you can use today for your own lead generation - and make money as you do.
If there's a reason familiar to most mlm'ers for failing to achieve their own financial targets, this is it: they live in a perpetual state of "lead poverty".
Go and analyze the typical earnings disclosure statement for most multi-level marketing companies, and you'll see that only around 10% of their reps are pulling down more than perhaps $500 per year.
Is only $500 per year what you actually signed up for? My guess is that you WANT to make more, but you're struggling. Struggling because you are unable to grow your team fast enough, and you're burning through your cash buying leads.
There is a physical limit to anyone's warm market that a person personally can get, so you have to be prepared to depend on the Internet.
As history goes, formerly people could grow a business by simply "being" the business. A person would simply use the company products, wear the merchandise, and continually talk to everyone they met about them. Then you would sponsor people into your downline and train them to do the same. Rinse and repeat. Real sophistication came in when you ran "work from home" ads in a local newspaper. And for 20 years, those simple offline strategies were the standard.
Since the Internet blossomed in the mid 90's, these offline techniques declined - but at the same time new online opportunities opened up. For example, it's now possible to generate your own leads online using automated systems, and the individual network marketing rep now has access to millions of leads through online advertising and social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
The problem is that most network marketers and their uplines haven't a foggy clue about how to attracts and market from these Internet sources. The majority of marketers that try Internet marketing will simply churn through a lot of income and then have little or nothing to show for it. In addition, there are countless scammers and "snake oil salesmen" who would like to do nothing more than separate you from your hard-earned cash.
Most network marketing reps collapse because of a handful of elementary reasons:
1. They run out of leads
2. They run out of money
3. Their system isn't duplicatable, so they can't train their team.
It's just this - most successful network marketers out there have developed a custom online lead funnel which helps them generate their thousands of leads.
What determines your success in MLM is the direct proportion of quality prospects that you can generate.
Please read the above sentence again.
A steady stream of leads if vital - or you're doomed to fail. Statistically, it's only about 1 or 2 percent of the prospects you meet that will join your company. That means you're going to need to somehow deliver your message to thousands of prospects.
And if you're like the average network marketer, you're still just working the business part-time, and you probability still have a "real job" also. You can't possibly talk to thousands of people by yourself - unless you have a personalized marketing system that can do some of the prequalification AND follow-up for you.
Here's the basic formula for success:
A Stream of Qualified Leads Positive Cash Flow Automated Follow-Up = Success
Regrettably, there isn't enough space in this short article to layout the exact steps you'll need to take to achieve this. You just have to be certain: Such steps and methods are out there. And now that you know, the solutions can be found. You have to know:
1. There's a single problem 90% of all Network Marketers don't solve - which keeps them poor.
2. And there's a simple strategy successful Network Marketers are using to make 6- and 7-figure incomes.
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