Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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What Job Requirements are Needed to Work at Home?

Working from Home Positions Available - Apply TodayNot as many as working for someone else. Nowhere near, in fact.

  • You aren't going to be fired because you don't have enough (or too many) degrees.
  • You aren't going to lose your job because how you dress or the comments you make about co-workers.
  • If you show up late to work, while maybe you don't get paid as much, at least you don't lose your paycheck.
Because you are your own boss, and it's your business. So run it anyway you like.
Sure, you need to know how to work. And some people do keep a strict schedule so they can keep in the groove they had when working for someone else. Some people do like to dress up a bit as it makes them feel more professional. But those are choices you make, not demands made on you.
If you are a mother (or dad), you can take time out to care for children when you want to, without having to ask permission or arrange someone to cover your position.
The point is that when you set your own direction, you can drive any-which-way you want. You'll get there as soon as you get there. And you only have yourself to ask, "Are we there yet?"
Just because you don't have a degree, it doesn't mean you can't do the job. Or because you have a lot of degrees and are older than many, this doesn't mean you are "over-qualified."
Because you are hiring yourself. And if you want to dress and act a certain way, then you should do so. If you need some more education at something, then go out and get some more training.
The same things make your own paycheck go up as when you worked for someone else - hard work, foresight, giving every job you do that little "plus". But you aren't having to worry about getting noticed by some executive - for you are that executive.

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