Saturday, September 15, 2012

Finding people critical of your efforts and your MLM success?

Why No One Seems to Appreciate Your Network Marketing Success

Get appreciated for telling people about your network marketing opportunity.The numbers are against you. Really — it is mathematically probable that becoming an MLM success story is not going to get you any favor with your current friends and associates.

It’s this recurring point that in any given opportunity: 97% won’t do anything with it – and only 3% will take the plunge.

Out of those 3%, 97% won’t make it work and just 3% will make it profitable.

And you can guess how many will actually make an outrageous success story…

That’s right – just 3% of that last bunch. This means that roughly 3 out of a hundred will decide to do some sort of network marketing at all. About 2 in a thousand will be able to make it pay for itself. And only 1 in 10,000 will actually become incredibly rich at it.

But that’s OK, we both know that you are one of those tiny few.

This article was to explain how this makes you unpopular.

Mike Dillard, in one of his free bootcamp videos, states that the reason can be summed up as: People are basically lazy. They’d rather learn to do something than actually do it.

That also explains what their reaction is to what you are doing.

Another problem which unsuccessful people have is their habit of criticizing and fault-finding with everything they see. Now ancient texts teach us that this is because they are self-criticizing all the time. (As without, so within.) And so they never really get out of needing a J-O-B and all the structure it entails. They aren’t going to see the advantage of leverage which a multi-level marketing opportunity affords. Can’t take the jump, don’t have the personal faith to take that leap.

What does this say about those 97% who never take up the offer at all?

They’re everywhere.

And which proves the general statement that “The most expensive advice is free.

Of course, this also shows you how you can make your own success even faster:

  1. Start associating more with people who are positive and supporting.
  2. Keep your network marketing plans to yourself.

Now that might seem to violate what your uplines tells you about contacting everyone within 3 foot radius, and making that 100-name list.

And yes, it does. Because the fastest way to wear out your welcome is to go chasing after all your friends and family about what you’re doing and why they should join your opportunity. Because most of them don’t want to hear about it – they are already insecure enough in their J-O-B, and retirement is just a decade or two away and they don’t want to risk it, etc.

But Dillard also gives out the solution to this scene: quit chasing prospects – attract them.

Out of that 100 people, you’ll get 3 that are honestly interested in what you are doing and how.

Once you interview them to find out what their training actually is, then maybe – just maybe – they’d be a good fit into your downline. But don’t sign them up unless they actually are going to prove to be a good fit.

What do you do with the other 97%? Well, you can recall that they like to be trained. It’s another form of entertainment for their spare time when they aren’t working. You offer them training courses which will tell them what they need to do to make themselves a success. And they will gladly pay for this.

Those payments cover the cost of the marketing you have to do in order to get 3 out of 100 to sign up.

This is a system Dillard promotes, which is called the Funded Proposal.

Of course, I’ve only given you the basics of this – but the point was to tell you to quit working hard at prospecting for your Network Marketing, and start working smarter. (Also, to give you the data so you can change who you are associating with and get an actual working team or MasterMind group to help you succeed even faster!)

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