Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Build an Online Business in 7 Steps

7 Principles of Building an Online Business. There is a lot to say about these. In fact, they'll fill a book or several if you let them. Each of the principles in turn has - many times over. What we are interested here is in the underlying basic principles - which in our specific case act as a system. Meaning that the individual parts working in syncrony will create a much greater effect than in acting alone. However, no one that I know of has published this system as such - and so you are one of the few who are now able to take advantage of this knowledge. I talk about marketing here, and little of the nuts/bolts of business (making payroll, supply/demand, inventory control, et al.) But the basics, sheer simplicities, of building an online business are all covered. This essay defines that starting point to building online business success - or a review of perhaps why your success hasn't yet arrived... Let me give you an overview of these principles - so you can see and utilize their

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