Sunday, August 18, 2013

Will App SEO Replace Conventional Web SEO? Bet on it.

Mobile Web Apps Poised to Start SEO Turf War?Just doing some research recently and saw the convergence of web apps, mobile traffic, and the resulting decline of desktops, laptops, and the "usual suspect" sites as we know them.This of course means that SEO will be turning a rather sharp corner - but the, they're used to it.Because the mobile web is taking over the Internet, and apps are taking over the mobile web. Which means that getting web apps to show up top in the various app stores will be key. Meanwhile, web apps need to be able to give ready conversions and regular service to be of any real use. (Free might get downloaded and used once, but to get repeat traffic, there needs to be real value in that. (Tricks like irregular "updating" and direct messaging have to be watched, since spamming will get your app deleted as quickly...)Mobile Website vs. App Traffic [CHART]A recent study from Compuware found that

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